The End

raycee jones-the end

I wrote The End 4 years ago. I was in a very reflective part of my life.

We've all had relationships with people, either friends or lovers, where you give your whole world to the person. You sacrifice and exhaust yourself, even lose yourself. Sometimes you allow yourself to lose control, say things you'd never want to say, use all of the words you can think of - hoping just one of those things will make the other person see what you want them to see or feel how you want them to feel. At a certain point though, you've got to give up and walk away from toxicity. And one day you will wake up and realize, it's over; there is no more. The End. There's no more story or fantasy to live in and hide with. We stay so much longer in situations we shouldn't because of comfort. The idea of working on ourselves, being reflective and acknowledging things we don't want to is hard. It's easier to stay with what we know, even if it's no longer benefiting us. In allowing yourself to admit that it's over, you gain a sense of freedom. The burden starts to lift and now you can start the process of letting go, moving on and becoming your better, healthier self.

I was tired and hurting, and this song just fell out of me and on to paper. I remember vividly sitting in my first Brooklyn apartment on Bedford Ave in Bedstuy; out of energy and things to say. I could only face the situation for what it was. I had life ahead of me, it was time to put the feelings into a song, and move on.

And I did, and I now really do know what it feels like to be free; to discover myself again.  So while it is a song about heartbreak, there is that whisper of hope. That at the end there is a new beginning, and sometimes we need & deserve a restart.

raycee jones - the end 2

Every time I perform this song it resonates very deeply within me. My heart pounds and I have to take deeper breaths, but my voice is strong. The End lives in a place of extreme healing and self discovery. I'm grateful for this song and the ability to hopefully let it connect with others who have felt the same. Let everyone have a moment of acknowledging that we all deserve something so simple - to be free and happy.

Take a listen to the song in full and let me know what you think. Listen here.