The Bomb

c. Beth Laschever

Some days I feel like a warrior. Some days I feel like I want to crawl into a hole and hide. Some days I feel like everyone gets me. Some days I feel like all I've got are my own thoughts. And in understanding the gray space, I became somebody. It was important for me to acknowledge that I don't have to move mountains every day to know that the universe is conspiring in my favor. I think everyone should have a place for themselves in this world to be free and mentally escape. I found a place that only I know and when I need to revive myself, I go there. 

Enjoy life, man! Do some things for yourself. There will be people who don't get that and you know what - sometimes it doesn't matter what people think! People don't always understand your very simple need to just get down. But hey, you know, Whatever Forever. Act with love and respect and get out there and BE somebody.

c. Beth Laschever 

Do whatever makes you feel good in the moment. It's okay to be loud or to be quiet; happy or somber. Don't let ANYBODY tell you it's wrong to order from Grub Hub twice in the same day, and don't feel bad for cutting a rug until 5am two days in a row. We waste so much time getting down on ourselves. We should spend more time enjoying, loving who we are, being good to our mind and body, and being surrounded by people that make us shine. 

The Bomb is about having a moment with yourself. You're doing your hair in the mirror and singing to yourself. You're dancing in your bedroom like Beyonce, looking back at it - just really feeling yourself! You feel like DYNAMITE and anyone that doesn't know that you are, just doesn't know it YET. Life is your party, make it whatever you want! Play whatever music you want or sit in silence. Slam a shot of whiskey or drink tea. Love a boy, love a girl or love both. There's no right or wrong way to live. BUT there is one rule: If you are at somebody else's party, you only have two options: get down or get out. You are the bomb. Now let's get out there and blow them away. 

Recording The Bomb at Platinum Studios //  2AM