Quick Trip to LAlaLand

The last few months have been the start to a new adventure for me! Jumping on the road solo has been a tremendous experience so far. I'm overcome with emotion knowing where this road has the potential to take me. 

I kickstarted with a little trip to LA for the VMAs! After a few hour delay, I finally landed in Los Angeles at the glorious hour of 3AM. With bags under my eyes & in my hands, I headed to West Hollywood. With a full weekend ahead of me, I knew what I had to do - pass out like a champ! 

Waking up with a view of palm trees ain't a bad thing! I popped out of bed, and by "popped out of bed" I mean, I slowly sat up. Okay! First things first, I forgot my toothbrush .. CVS, please? In my NYC programmed brain, I'm thinking - no problem! just walk to the closest store and grab one. But, Dorothy was not in Kansas and a simple trip to CVS turns into a 30 min cruise. Which was fine, after all, can't I consider this vacation? 

I brushed my teeth and hit the streets of LA. Brunch at Blu Jam Cafe, a coffee meeting across town and a little thrift shopping at Wasteland. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a sunny Friday. We headed home to get fancy (yes, alright, cue Iggy & Charli) and headed out to the Next2Shine showcase. The night consisted of providing emerging artists with a platform to show some of their original material. An overall inspiring time with performances by Ginnette Claudette , August Rigo Nick Boddington  to name a few. I finally got to meet the very talented, Aarahdna (Do yourself a favor and check her out. I have this song on repeat.) who was hanging in the crowd. All very gracious people on top of being completely entertaining. I went to bed grateful & full. 

The weekend continued with guest appearances from home friends, an essential stop at In-N-Out Burger and drinks at the W. I got to spend Sunday in the hills with Mr. Dru Decaro at his home studio. Aside from being Miguel's guitarist, Dru's got some super fly projects going on. Check out the smoothness that is Monomaniac here. Looking forward to getting back to LA soon and connecting with these mega creative people. 

To say I left fulfilled would be an understatement; I was rejuvenated and ecstatic about this next step in my life. A last minute decision, led to a weekend spent making new friends and getting a taste of the future! However, I did miss my jungle. The palm trees are beautiful, but nothing beats chasing a dream on this concrete. I'll see you soon, LaLaland. Now back to reality..